FR 24.03.23 Parking Lot // Ambulanz / DIE FARCE DIE

Aus Leipzig ist viel Gutes zu hören, vorallem wenn es um Musik aus dessen DIY Szene geht. In ebendieser beheimatet ist das Selfmade Recording-Studio und Label „Of Bits & Pieces“, welches für so manchen heißen shize verantwortlich ist.

Einlass 20h, Konzertbeginn 21h

Eintritt 7 – 10€


„The three weirdo-rockers from Parking Lot are as hot as homemade croissants, crispy on the outside and tender in the inside. They play a raw straightforward top-hit-killer-riff rock sprinkled with delicious oddities such as high-pitched vocals, playful guitar licks and intriguing lyrics (even more or less unsettling).“


„Ambulanz ! Surprise ! Means ambulance! The shortlived giggle of sniffing glue erased by the smell of rubber.
Yes! Rubber like in a padded cell. Part of the band was raised in villages of the eastgerman Twin Peaks county equivalent – the woods of Thuringia. Speaking of a padded cell – that is coming up tough as it gets if you ask me. Like the Simpsons intro they ease you into their small – town – punk saga with jingle – ish melodies just to rip you up again like the bad speed that is the main economic force in these parts of the woods! Their setup is drums – guitar – synth – bass – 2 vocals and it rules!“


„look out, honey, cause we’re using technology“

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